We each have a story 

We all have one...that thing called "A Story..."

Some are horror stories born of fairy tales.

When we are talking about trauma, specifically the sort that is from being a target of domestic violence, we are talking about having a reason to be guided by that trauma. 

If all we believe is that what we have been through was deserved by us, then it is up to us to learn to believe something else. When we learn to believe something else, the world of opportunities opens up to us and we begin to see Who We Truly Are.

My own story is like everyone elseʻs - unique ...just like me...just like you.

Your own story is only half-way written. It starts by answering the question

"What are you going to do for YOU now?"

Even though the stories might have the same elements, we are each unique to our experiences. What we do not realize is that Who We Are is shaped in large part by what we have gone through. Our duty is to never stop creating that story, even if the beginning of it hurt us in many ways.


I Am not different.

Neither is my story....the only thing different is that I learned and now teach others who have experienced the emotional trauma of violence at home and in partnership how to rebuild who they are, not for anyone else BUT themselves.

I teach others to Be their Best Selves...using the shards and pieces of their broken Souls to create a work of art called Your Best Life, Everyday....you were not ever born to be treated as though you and your life mean nothing.

They mean something to you...

...and You mean something to You, too...

Letʻs answer that question.

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